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Agencore is committed to working hand in hand with you.
In partnership with other global companies Agencore is distributing various high technology products. From accelerating to global marketing and investment Agencore is supplying all kind of business services.
Agencore Switzerland supplies tritium and GTLS products worldwide.
Marketing Platform

Nuclear power plant maintenance and industry marketing/technology sharing/partnership in various fields are business solutions of Agencore.

Tritium and GTLS Selling

Agencore supplies worldwide tritium and GTLS products made in South Korea, which is the second largest tritium producer in the world, is responsible for the research, and development of tritium and GTLS products.

Acceleration & Investment

Connecting companies in Switzerland as well as in Europe to Korea through acceleration and investment.

The Core of Future Technology

High Technology

Agencore provides fast and reliable service to meet the needs of its customers with its high technology and experts on various areas, such as IT, manufacturing, and I&C maintenance.

Global Network

Agencore joins its partner firms in Europe and Korea, so that they can build a global network in various businesses.

Marketing Platform

Agencore supplies high quality Korean Products to Europe. This will serve as an opportunity for European companies to enter the Asian market.

The Best Business

The best accelerators and investors have network in the world are committed in assisting you in the growth of your business.

Agencore is committed to working hand in hand with you.

Based on high technology and global network Agencore will be the core of business areas such as R&D, Manufacturing, I&C, Marketing, Acceleration and investment.


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